When The Cost Is Worth The Relief?

For runners, the well-being of their legs and feet is of the utmost importance, but actually, most jobs do in fact require individuals to either remain standing for long periods of time, or to travel continuously from one place to another. Accordingly, many people will agree that they would like to have their feet and legs free of any pain if possible (and of course, every other body part – but life is often not that fair). The field of podiatry has provided many treatments for the many different afflictions that cause pain in the feet – balls, heel or any other region – and legs; one such treatment is the orthotic – usually specially designed soles that one wears to correct posture or gait during walking or running. These can be both over the counter, but many people will agree that these will not fit every individual perfectly. In fact, even medical research has shown that the probability of these orthotics providing relief is somewhat dubious. This is where a special type of orthotic enters the stage: the custom orthotics.It is a common, well-known fact that custom-built orthotics are expensive. The reason is obvious – these orthotics are created to suit a single individual after countless hours of biomechanical assessments and labour. The hefty price of these custom-built devices often discourages people from purchasing them; the fact, however, is that the need for the custom-built orthotics largely depends on the comfort one can gain from them. If one’s foot and leg pain is of a bearable degree, naturally, the purchase of these devices seems redundant. And in many cases, orthotics bought over the counter – even orthotics for plantar fasciitis – have been shown to provide general comfort

Thus, when considering the need to purchase custom-built orthotics, the individual first ought to consider his or her need for them. A runner or athlete will obviously need these type of orthotics more than the average person would; similarly, someone with an abnormal arch or extremely flat feet would require custom-built devices to cater to his specific needs.

If you are wondering whether to buy these custom-built orthotics, first talk to your podiatrist (a general practitioner may recommend orthotics, but an informed decision can only be provided by a specialist). If he or she evaluates your condition as serious enough to warrant orthotics, you can first opt for the normal, store-bought orthotics. Try them on, and decide for yourself if they provide enough relief and comfort. If they do, stick with them. If they prove unsuccessful, you can first try other brands or types – leave the option of creating custom-built orthotics as a last resort option. If all fails, then you can opt for the latter, and you will be glad of the comfort you will have once you try these on.