What You Should Not Do When You Go To See A Medical Professional About Your Feet

Our feet are really important to us but unfortunately it is one of those body parts that we do not pay much attention to. We think that it is somehow trivial as compared to say our arms or face or eyes. However, when there are worrying symptoms we do need to go to a medical professional who Is qualified to handle the issue. There are things that you as a patient must try to avoid when visiting your medical caregiver for this purpose and here they are.

Thinking that you must shave your legs

Many women would feel the need to shave their legs before their scheduled visit to the Gold Coast orthotics. However, medical professionals themselves would say otherwise. They are there to help you out in your physical ailment and make sure that the condition does not progress. They will help you recover. Apart from that while they would be concerned about your personal hygiene if you walk in with dirt caked legs, because cleanliness ensures good health, they have no other interest in how you look and what your legs look like. They are not there to judge and you should not feel like they will judge you either. While you can always shave if you want to, bear in mind that this is not a necessity. Also having hair growth on your legs indicates that there is a healthy blood flow to your lower extremities.

Pedicures and toenail painting should be avoided

Do not get pedicures done before you go to see your podiatrist Hamilton. While you may feel like you need to look presentable, as mentioned before, they do not have any interest in whether or not your toenails are perfectly cut and polished. In fact if you sustain any injuries while taking the pedicure that could come in the way of your medical examination. In addition to this painted toenails will hide things such as ingrown nails, possible fungi infections and the likes which the medical professional would otherwise be able to notice and treat you for. Sometimes all you really need to do is walk in with clean feet and nothing else.

Get clear on every aspect of your treatment

There is a reason that you go to somebody qualified to treat you. If you knew everything about your condition and the correct treatment plan for it, you would most certainly not require assistance. The fact that you do means that you have all the right in the world to ask any questions, clarify everything you need to about your treatment plan as well your condition and even explain to the caregiver if you are still concerned about your health. They are there to help you through this and will not be annoyed at your questions no matter how silly they may sound to you.